Dear~ I want Salmon Sushi & Sashimi!

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It is a warm afternoon, you and your love one walks into a shopping mall filled with delicious cuisine.
Your love one pointed to a large banner with a piece of  bright orange salmon sushi.

You commented “What Japanese food again!?”. Your love one rolled eyes and shared with you that the idea of Salmon Sushi originally came from Norway!
SAY WHAT?! Norway? NO WAY!

Yes, the Norwegians actually recommended eating Salmon as sushi to the Japanese in 1986.
Initially, the Japanese rejected the idea as the fish is dangerous to consume raw because these wild fishes were exposed to parasites and considered too lean for sushi.
The Norwegian business man didn’t give up and had other ideas.  Much later the Norwegian business man cut a deal with a Japanese company “NICHIREI”. With brilliant marketing, Japanese accepted Salmon as one of the key ingredients for sushi and sashimi!

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For more reading: https://bettermarketing.pub/how-norway-convinced-japan-that-sushi-was-made-with-salmon-4776fd65b219

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This post is contributed by: Rick Ng

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