The Curious Kitten’s Dream

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A kitten sat upon a rock,
Its eyes upon the treetop.
“Why aren’t you at the pond,” I spoke,
“To catch the fish you seek?”

The kitten turned its head to me,
And with a smile said, “Nay,
The fish I seek is not at sea,
But in the treetop’s canopy.”

I laughed, and said, “You silly cat,
Fishes do not live in trees!”
The kitten shook its head and said,
“You have not seen my dreams.”

And so I left the kitten there,
To dream its dreams of fish.
And I have often wondered since,
When did I last dreamt,
When did I last imagine?

For it is the dreamers
Who change the world,
And make it a better place,
For all to see and twirl.

So let us never give up on our dreams,
No matter how impossible they may seem.
For if we try, we may find that we can do
Anything we set our minds to.

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This post is contributed by: Damien Tan

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