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Giant Water Lily are Gorgeous BUT ….

As we approach a tranquil pond adorned with majestic giant lilies, our breath catches in awe of the scene. Their presence brings a delightful, faint fragrance that tickles our senses. It’s a serene oasis that we cherish. BUT, brace yourself for the twist! Those captivating giant water lilies harbor a secret that could send ripples

Wipe that Crocodile tears away! hmm What about Batavian Tears or Dutch Tears?

The name of Batavian or Dutch tears have been around for more than 400 years!! Prince Rupert from Germany brought these beautiful tadpole looking glass drops to England’s King Charles II and had him intrigued by the unusual properties. Test were given to break the glass drop, it could withstand hard knocks from hammers, shatter

Lesson of the Rain

I flung my exams, regret pierced my heart, A burden of failure, tearing me apart. As rain poured down, I walked in despair, But I witnessed a lesson, a truth to share. Some souls faced the rain, undeterred, unswayed, Phones in hand, capturing memories they made. They laughed and conversed, embracing the rain, For rain

The Curious Kitten’s Dream

A kitten sat upon a rock, Its eyes upon the treetop. “Why aren’t you at the pond,” I spoke, “To catch the fish you seek?” The kitten turned its head to me, And with a smile said, “Nay, The fish I seek is not at sea, But in the treetop’s canopy.” I laughed, and said,

Errr.. Hellooo, may I have the seat please?

From far, a fine young man approaches the bustop. Smartly dressed, suave looking but you felt something is wrong with him. You couldn’t care much as everyone is getting ready to rush on board the same bus. It was way too crowded, people are really trying to get a seat. Happily, you found a seat

Effective time management

Effective time management is essential for adult learners, especially those juggling work, family responsibilities, and studies. Managing time efficiently can help them to achieve their goals, reduce stress, and improve their overall performance. In this article, we will explore some essential tips for time management for adult learners. Set clear goals and priorities: Before starting

ChatGPT vs. Bard: AI Language Models Battling for Superiority

Artificial intelligence has been revolutionizing various fields, and natural language processing is no exception. Two major players in this domain are OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is based on the powerful GPT-4 architecture, capable of understanding and generating human-like text with remarkable accuracy. It has proven to be a versatile tool

When AI Goes Wrong: Lessons Learned from Ice Cream Flavors

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized numerous industries, but have you ever wondered what it could do for ice cream flavours? A team of coders from Kealing Middle School decided to find out by feeding an algorithm over 1,600 existing ice cream flavours to see what new ones it would generate. The results were far from delicious,

I had enough speaking to you!

Joseph: Hey are you? Wana grab a drink together? Lina: Ok. Joseph: Hmm, what would you like to drink? Lina: Coffee. Joseph: It is kind of hot today, do you want a chilled coffee instead? Lina: Sure. Joseph: Next week is term break, you wana catch up with old friends? Lina: Maybe. Joseph:聽 – –

What is the difference between XML and JSON API

XML (Extensible Markup Language) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) are two popular data exchange formats used in web-based APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The main difference between XML and JSON APIs is their syntax and structure. XML uses a tag-based syntax to represent data, whereas JSON uses a key-value pair structure. Here are some of the

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