Lesson of the Rain

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I flung my exams, regret pierced my heart,
A burden of failure, tearing me apart.
As rain poured down, I walked in despair,
But I witnessed a lesson, a truth to share.

Some souls faced the rain, undeterred, unswayed,
Phones in hand, capturing memories they made.
They laughed and conversed, embracing the rain,
For rain was but water, no reason to fret.

Others clutched their books to class, defying the storm,
Determined to learn, their knowledge to transform.
For rain was just rain, a mere passing test,
Not hindering their journey, they strive to do their best.

So, when life showers trials, embrace them with grace,
Let not your spirit falter, let hope find its place.
For obstacles are but raindrops on your way,
They cannot define you, nor lead you astray.

Life’s challenges may come, like the rain,
Embrace them or overcome, the choice is yours to gain.

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This post is contributed by: Damien Tan

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